Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picture 1: A Three Letter Word For Candy

Well, here it is. The first of hopefully many pictures on our adventurous team blog. Have fun.
Or as Batman would say,
Stay fit, have fun!

This is a picture of a girl impersonating a pez dispenser. She came to be in this position because she went to a party where she was shocked and dismayed to discover some Japanese exchange students enjoying a mere fifty percent (possibly less) of the joy of pez consumption, in that they were not eating the tasty rectangular candies from a dispenser. She tried valiantly to explain to them what they were missing, but their English was fraught with grammatical errors and lack of vocabulary. So the brave girl went to the washroom and noticed that a bar of soap looks strikingly similar to pez. She ran back to the exchange students brandishing the soap. The terrified pacific islanders started protesting as best they could, thinking they had hit upon some fetishistic hygiene party. “We shower before! We shower before!” They cried. “What?” the confused girl replied. Shrugging, she pointed to the pez and started trying to pantomime how a pez dispenser works. The exchange students sat in stunned silence. This isn’t working, she thought. So she enlisted the help of an innocent bystander, because she realised that by using her own hands, she was not conveying the open headedness/handlessness of the dispenser. With the aid of said bystander, she felt confident in her pez-demonstrating ability. Needless to say, she didn’t display anything to the exchange students other than craziness, but they sent this picture to all of their friends, and now you can enjoy it for yourself

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