Tuesday, July 14, 2009


alright, first let me say, callie, i love what you have done with the appearance of the blog. bravo. it looks great. i love the clock, btw. also i think i finally thought of something we could do that would be cool and different and a little more meaningful than just showing the world our idiotic correspondence. and it will give us both an opportunity to put our best skills first. ok, here is my idea.
whenever you can, hopefully at least once a week, you post a random picture on the blog that you took. it cant be a picture that youre putting on your blog. dont put up any description, and the weirder the better. THEN i can write about it, not really knowing what it was... i realise this sounds abstract, but i think it will work. and i also think that it is a good jumping off point and we can tweak or change it as we feel necessary. ALSO this way you wont have to necessarily make a writing committment, so youre free to keep up with your own blog and whatever other nonsense you get up to when youre procrastinating. so there you go. let me know what you think. and again, i love the layout. it would be cool though if next time were together (ie at the wedding) we could take some pics of both our glasses to see if you can add anything to the header to include both of us.


callie said...

picture idea=fabulous.
header idea=me procrastinating, because my photo editor slows down the computer. but, i will do it eventually, so let's do it.

callie said...

also there was this batman clock i wanted to use but it was too big for this template, so i went for the yellow one.

full_of_puppy_love said...

the only other thing i have to say about the template is could you make either the text or the background alittle darker because its difficult for a blind-o such as myself to read