Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#3: Something a LIttle Different

unlike the posts thus far, i cant really fictionalise about this photo, because it is a picture of our brother wearing a top hat. amazingly, however, this photo is in keeping with the theme of the blog, because i have never seen this photo and i have no idea when it was taken. anyway, its appropriate though, because yesterday was our brothers birthday, so this post can be in honour of him. so happy birthday clinton. anyway, i can only imagine what sort of insanity inspired our brother to dance around in the top hat, so let me tell you about the hat instead. our dad has two antique top hats. one collapses and the other doesnt. he inherited them from his stepfather who died when he was a teenager. anyway, so weve had the hats, "alfie's hats" as we always refer to them, as if alfie might jump out of his grave and come looking for them someday, since before any of us were born. i think we have all worn the hats at some point, but my mother hangs them on the wall and we arent supposed to touch them.

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