Thursday, July 30, 2009

#5: Seeing is Believing

well if you werent there to see it, you wouldnt believe it. nevertheless, i shall relate the tale back to you, and perhaps you will humour me. there was once a woman who left her baby sitting outside in the stroller. since she was kind of a spaz, she forgot that the stroller was there and went home. the baby got so angry that it willed itself to grow into a teenager so it could walk home. this went marvellously, except that the baby couldnt teach itself to walk. his only experience with movement was being carried or pushed in the stroller. because of his newfound size, he popped out of the stroller and was sitting beside it, trying to decide what to do next. he realised that as far as he was aware, holding his hands out to clutch the crossbar of the stroller is what made it go. so he sat and tried this technique in order to get home. obviously this was futile. eventually the authorities came, but since he couldnt speak and appeared unable to move, he was delivered to the nearest institution, where he has been on a steady dose of medication ever since.

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